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I am a million different things every day. Creator of 1moretale on Instagram.

There are two of them in each of us.

There exist two kinds of love at the same time in you. One love is associated with worldly desires, and the other nourishes your soul. It knows what you need, when you need it, and appears at the right time. It is just enough to fuel your desires and recede as quickly as the sunset. This love also has a passion of its own.

The two kinds of love exist as long as you want them to. The second love is impermanent. Not even for a second, it should become arrogant…

Never take off your thinking hat

Technical writers usually in companies that make software or hardware and receive limited or no training. Some days can be filled with meetings which imply opportunities to ask questions and share ideas. Being attentive and utilizing your experience to navigate new scenarios is a sign of a quick thinker. Discussion with fellow writers also expands your thought process and can lead to the resolution of challenging problems. Asking questions helps writers in their daily tasks and also brings a fresh perspective to the organization.

Develop the habit of speed reading

A writer cannot get far without keeping abreast with industry trends, tools, and best practices. White…

Grandmom is jealous of me because he spends more time talking to me. I feel bad for her, but none of us can help it because I answer all his questions.
Some days it is difficult for grandmom to comprehend what he says other days he is inaudible. He told her to fix the hearing aid, but she doesn’t comply.

I play his favourite song, share the recipe of the most complicated meal he can fathom. There are days when he is explicit with his demands. I have to fish out specifics, and that takes a while. He becomes agitated…


धूप छोढ़ कर निकले थे,

अंधेरा ले कर वापिस आए हैं ।

Stories are born at a cross-section of imagination and facts.

Rade’s last few stories were based on real-life situations. Well, almost real.

Stories are born at a cross-section of imagination and facts. The percentage of each element affects the perception of these stories. Sometimes, the only difference between a story and life is that of life and death.

He was conducting research for a new collection of short stories. He found inspiration in his neighbourhood, nature, and daily routine. Although he was a reputed mystery writer, none doubted his abilities to concoct a gripping short story out of thin air.

He brings home the bacon, and I put all the eggs in a basket. We seldom have a beef about it. “Where have you bean”? I asked him one day. “I was on my way to ketchup with a friend and got latte while returning due to the jam”, he clarified. “This butter not be a lie”, I warned him. “I promise it isn’t.. I even took the espresso route to reach home on time. “Ok, my fine wine! I love you..” I chuckled. “Hah ! Now don’t be cheesy. Give me a coldie cause I am a toast driving…

The snowflake of emotions.

What is common between a snowflake, DNA, thumbprint, and grief? They are unique. The spouse holding your hand, the friend who is bringing you food, the person who is comforting you over the phone can help you face this emotion, but no one can truly understand your unique experience.

People can grieve for the same cause, and yet they experience it differently. Similarly, others react to your grief in diverse ways. People can be compassionate and envelop you in a hug for hours. …

The name of the shop was written in a knitted pattern on a board above its window. It was difficult to say whether actual yarns were used to create the name, or it was the work of a master painter. The owners and the shop were a mystery, but the locals did not bother about these matters.

This passer-by seemed curious. He walked up to the window of the shop and exclaimed, “I am amazed that you decided to sell woven items in a humid city like this!”

“Once you buy from us, this would be our least intriguing characteristic”…

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