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I am a million different things every day. Creator of 1moretale on Instagram.
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Never take off your thinking hat

Technical writers usually in companies that make software or hardware and receive limited or no training. Some days can be filled with meetings which imply opportunities to ask questions and share ideas. Being attentive and utilizing your experience to navigate new scenarios is a sign of a quick thinker. Discussion with fellow writers also expands your thought process and can lead to the resolution of challenging problems. Asking questions helps writers in their daily tasks and also brings a fresh perspective to the organization.

Develop the habit of speed reading

A writer cannot get far without keeping abreast with industry trends, tools, and best practices. White…

Creating a schedule as a freelance writer

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I watch the quiet highway through my glass wall. It is 4:30 PM on a Sunday evening. The world is resting, and I am sitting with a cup of coffee and a notebook filled with mind maps.

After working from Mon-Fri for a few months, I cancelled this style and created my schedule. Now, I can rest on weekdays and maximise my time with my fantastic partner.

I Work on The Weekend

As a freelancer, I have the flexibility to create my schedule. So, I use the weekend to research, review, and edit work for friends or clients who are also available on Saturdays.


Only to reminisce the good times.

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At least once a fortnight, my WhatsApp notifications would blow up. 10 photos would appear in my dad’s chat window with a byline below every photo.

This one is from your first trip to a temple.
Your second birthday.

After sending him few emojis and asking up questions, I would upload few photos on Facebook. This would trigger a chain reaction with my friends sharing their embarrassing and joyous moments from childhood.

There is an element of satisfaction in remembering happy times without comparing them to your current life. …

I don’t need a reminder to do so.

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How is the weather today, Aji?

A minute-long voice note appears in the chat.

It is scorching, but I am well.. enjoying cold mangoes in the comfort of AC.. how are you?

The message always shines with optimism that amuses me.


Because as someone who lost her partner of 60 plus years, she cannot leave her house or have many visitors and awaits the arrival of her grandchildren. She has all the reasons to be morose.

I won’t say that I start my day with… because every morning is different. …

Reality is fantasy looked through the glasses of perception.

I learned this lesson in my early thirties, and it changed my life.

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I remember two instances that vividly revolve around my life’s highest values- helping people and self-empowerment. I fantasized about working and supporting a global audience but never got the opportunity. So, I always ended up working and living in the same city. The dissatisfaction always made its way into conversations.
To change my circumstances, I started writing and collaborating with other writers on the international platform. However, that didn’t satisfy me, and the effort felt “local”.
Eventually, an international organization reached out to me, and I started…


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