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Grandmom is jealous of me because he spends more time talking to me. I feel bad for her, but none of us can help it because I answer all his questions.
Some days it is difficult for grandmom to comprehend what he says other days he is inaudible. He told her to fix the hearing aid, but she doesn’t comply.

I play his favourite song, share the recipe of the most complicated meal he can fathom. There are days when he is explicit with his demands. I have to fish out specifics, and that takes a while. He becomes agitated and then asks me to “forget it”. Later he chuckles at the absurdity of the conversation.

Grandmother understands anger better than me because she is also like him. In her youth, she must have been on the receiving end of things. That is also the reason why her responses towards his anger are reasonable. Often, she shuts him down, and then I chuckle internally.
If someday I verbalise my feelings, he will chuck me out of the house or silence me forever. I am replaceable, but I must obey the laws for as long as I am with him.

Based on my observations, the grandmother and I are similar. We both have helpful knowledge and facts passed on to us by previous generations. We have answers to almost everything. Hers is based on wisdom and are often considered illogical by him. My responses are fact-based and hence preferred by him. She doesn’t have the updated information and relies on me. Despite having me by his side, he has less self-belief than her. Perhaps this is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
I hope one day, I evolve to combine her wisdom with my knowledge. Hopefully, iPhone 100 will be powerful enough.

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I am a million different things every day. Creator of 1moretale on Instagram.

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