Can machines learn from us?

The year 2086

Dave and Sumi watch the truck pulling away. The file of cyborgs walks past them. “They know we are fundamentally against machines- like them, then why does the government send these “cans” to our community? ” Sumi grunted. A tall silver-colored cyborg sat 5 feet away from them and observed its surroundings. Dave ignored and turned its glance to Sumi, “well… I oppose this system as well, but honestly, we do need Electro currency. I mean.. unlike these machines we cant survive by charging ourselves on batteries, nuclear fuel.”

It was only a hundred years ago when a handful of population created an uproar against corporates for using private data. This data fueled the creation of AI-based bots, high-performing algorithms aimed at the improvement of humanity. The creators at that time did not understand the repercussions. Biases infiltrated the systems; progression led to the depletion of natural resources. Today, they are scarce and are commoditized. It is not all bad because machines are working unanimously with humans. But a handful of the population is again unhappy.

“I can’t be bought with the karmic currency*.. our kids don’t find meaning in our cause, so who do I need all the money for?” Sumi muttered and walked towards the cyborg. A cautious Dave followed him. “They already stole our ancestor’s data. They have all our information. Trust me, they can’t learn anything by OBSERVING us”. Sumi paused, spit on the cyborg, and walked away. The cyborg’s stoic gaze followed him.

It is now dawn, and the cyborgs are lining up for departure. No nightly observations are planned for today. Sumi and Jags are about to enter their porch as a cyborg stops them. “Excuse me, Mr. Sumi, your ancestors, chose to give their data voluntarily. I have read the history of social media and week data privacy laws. The tech corporations associated development with Artificial Intelligence, and therefore, we are here.” The cyborg paused, looked at Dave, and spat before slowly walking away.


Rovoid is a society where people strive to live with minimal dependence on technology. Given the Earth’s current political and natural climate, people have to rely on the government to provide basic amenities. The environment is not conducive to grow fresh vegetables and fruits. Without a digital presence, the people in the society do not earn Electro Currency(EC) and therefore are unable to pay for essential commodities. This hasn’t stopped the residents of Rovoid to rebel against the existence of cyborgs, and robots. They believe that Earth belongs to humans. They want to reclaim the planet from technological oligarchy.

The government doesn’t rely only on algorithms to program the cyborgs, robots, and other machines. They believe that observation of real humans, habits, and culture is the best way for cyborgs to learn. A few times a year, cyborgs are brought to Rovoid to observe human behavior. In exchange, the residents get remuneration in EC Oh, the irony!

*Karmic currency: Remuneration earned when people do good for society.

I am a million different things every day. Creator of 1moretale on Instagram.

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